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Faith, Food, Friday: “After the Trayvon Martin Case”

If you missed our last “Faith, Food, Friday” “After the Trayvon Martin Case” you can listen to the audio online here.

Photo credits: Bob Howard

American Dream Lost? We’ve got photos…

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OUR TOWN town hall meeting: Photos are in!

Find out more about this program and listen to an audio recording HERE. Get on our mailing list so you don’t miss next year’s “Speed Date” click HERE. See photos as a set on Flickr HERE.

Speed Date Your Local Leaders 2013: The photos are in!

Find out more about this program HERE. Get on our mailing list so you don’t miss next year’s “Speed Date” click HERE.

Immigration & the American Melting Pot: The photos are in!

Find program details and an audio recording of the program online here. View the photos on one page here. All photos are credit Bob Howard.

Photos are in: Students, Safety & the Second Amendment

All photos: Bob Howard. To watch the video or listen to the audio of the program, click here.

Faith, Food, Friday: “Social Justice” pictures are in

All photos credit: Bob Howard

Peter Kageyama: For the Love of Tallahassee + Leon County (photos are in!)

You can find photos individually online by clicking here. Miss the program and want to listen up? WFSU will be airing the program next Friday February 8th at 7pm (find the program online later this week HERE). Want to get involved in “For the Love of Tallahassee + Leon County” moving forward? Join us at RedEye on Sunday, February 24th from 1 to 3 pm for pizza (on us), coffee (on you) and a great ongoing conversation about loving where we live. Hold your spot by registering here.

Photo credits: Bob Howard (the professional ones) and Liz Joyner (the amateurish ones, anything out of focus…)

“You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby?” The pictures and the radio air date.

Find the pictures individually online here. All photos were taken by Bob Howard. The program will be aired this Friday evening at 7pm on WFSU 88.9 FM.

Check out pictures from Faith, Food, Friday’s “Church and State in the 2012 Election”

All photos credit Bob Howard. You can see these pictures individually HERE. Register for the December 7th program “The December Dilemma” HERE.

Amendments 101, Night 2

We’ve been busy and haven’t gotten these up. Today seemed like a good day to show something very democratic… citizens rolling up their sleeves and learning about the amendments. You can also view these pictures as a set here. All photo credits: Bob Howard. (Last minute amendments studying can be done by clicking here.)

Last week’s Amendments 101 program photos

All photo credits: Bob Howard. Remember that tomorrow night we’ll have the second part of Amendments 101 featuring a discussion on amendments 1, 5, 6, 8 and 12. To get more info or RSVP (we still have space but not much) CLICK HERE.

Miss last week’s “Faith, Food, Friday?” Check out the photos!

You can view these photographs as a set online HERE. All photos are courtesy of Bob Howard.