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Elena Novak: Changing the Political Atmosphere

Village Square at Florida State University LOGOFrom ULoop:

When I was in high school, I wanted to go into politics. The fast-paced environment, the constant challenge, the promise of a better tomorrow, the false sense of importance, the manipulation, the lying and conniving… okay, I digress. You can see I changed my mind.

That is until I started volunteering my freshman year with a Tallahassee non-profit called The Village Square. I was looking to volunteer with any non-profit as a means of getting involved in the community during my college years, and this politically-oriented organization found me, not the other way around. Read the rest of the article online here.


Elena is the Village Square FSU Ambassador. She is currently launching The Village Square at FSU.

Elena Novak: Let’s all be greater fools

greater_foolThe Newtown tragedy that struck a little over a week ago still weighs heavily on many of our hearts. Unfortunately, however, a tragedy of any magnitude bears with it a curse: the media. How we react to a tragedy, whether we feel anger or sympathetic pain, whether we stay glued to the details or play it off like a minor notch in history, depends on the level of media attention.

Many have asked why. Why would anyone, any human being with a capacity for compassion, kill innocent children in cold blood? The media hears our question and feeds us gruesome details, not for love of news but for love of ratings. Read all »