fff-newsletterThis Friday January 10, FAITH, FOOD, FRIDAY, (“Improbable conversations for people of faith and no faith at all”) continues with “Restorative Justice: Rethinking the Role of Forgiveness.” The God Squad will host Andy and Kate Grosmaire, whose 19-year-old daughter Ann was killed by her boyfriend in 2010.  Joined by the Reverend Allison DeFoor, who had a critical role in the events that unfolded following Ann’s death, they will share their journey of loss and forgiveness and their struggle to define what justice is in the face of profound and unthinkable personal tragedy. Together, they will tell a story of two families seeking another way despite incredible obstacles – a story that takes them across the country, around the world and deep inside their hearts – to bring to fruition an idea unlikely to happen anywhere, much less in the panhandle of North Florida.   There are few stories like the one the Grosmaires will tell in the world today. Rev. Dave Killeen of St. John’s Episcopal Church will moderate the discussion.

To get more information or reserve your seat for this program click HERE. The program will be held at First Baptist Church (108 W. College Avenue) from noon to 1 pm with lunch available at 11:30, and is free and open to the public. RSVP by Tuesday for the early-bird lunch price of $8 ($10 after). Lunch is a Baked Potato Bar: Potatoes, Chili, Steamed Broccoli, Sauteed Onions and Mushrooms, Cheese Sauce, Butter, Sour Cream; along with Rolls and Dessert. Or, and you’re welcome to bring a bag brown lunch or not eat. For more information, email fff@tothevillagesquare.org or call 590-6646. You can see “Faith, Food, Friday” dates and topics for the entire season and even RSVP for any of this year’s programs online HERE.