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Luck O The Irish to you

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Happy Pi Day

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A little something for your Friday

We’ll miss you Andy Griffith.

Young people working hard to raise money for Shands

Today’s the first day of University of Florida’s Dance Marathon. This video is the fun introduction (features my daughter Eden) – that played dramatically on all the screens at the O’Connell Center – of what they call the “overall” team, the 15 students who run the year-long giant fundraising operation. They’ve worked very hard all year in case anyone wants to practice the ultimate act of civility in a Florida State town…

March Madness fun, courtesy of UVa’s social psychology department

Those of you who attended last spring’s The Psychology of Polarization and Demonization Dinner at the Square will remember University of Virginia’s Matt Motyl, who taught us about the psychology behind the latest ugly politics. Looks like he’s got another interesting project going related to – of all things – basketball. It’s intriguing and only takes five minutes!

Here’s Matt’s email…

Hi friends,

My lab has jumped on the March Madness bandwagon and we just launched a project that lets you find out who you implicitly believe will win this year’s NCAA tournament match-ups. The tests are about five minutes long, and at the end you’ll get feedback on your implicit thoughts about the game. We’re trying to get as many people to take the study as possible, so please feel free to pass the link on to those you think might be interested!

Here’s a direct link to the project: https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/marchmadness/

Setting up a log-in does require an email address, but don’t worry — its just so that we can avoid having to ask the same questions over and over (like gender, for example) if you want to take multiple studies. We won’t spam you, we promise!


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Happy Halloween!

Florence Snyder: High tea and hope

The Village Square seems more crowded than usual as we gathered today for the global group therapy session provided by the newly married, newly-minted Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

A billion people tuned in to see Catherine Middleton marry her college classmate William of Wales, the first-born son of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. That’s a lot of market share, but the groom’s family has been building the brand since 1066.

The British monarchy is Earth’s longest-running reality show. Centuries before the cathode ray tube, Henry VIII was doing tabloid TV for the ages. His randy, dyspeptic ghost certainly hung over the ill-fated marriage of Prince William’s parents. Read all »

Jon Stewart on Ground Zero survivor benefits

Get busy bunny.

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It came to me one day while applying antibiotic ointment to my young daughter’s scrape. With similar wounds to my daughter’s in my own childhood, out came a rectangular amber glass bottle of Merthiolate or Mercurochrome. The pinkest liquid you’ve ever seen – over the top pink, pink on heroin. There are lots of different kinds of pain, but two childbirths later I dont t’hink I’ve ever felt more burn than was delivered by that little bottle.

At my house, the Merthiolate ritual was the same every time. Mom or Dad would lift us along with our newly cleaned [insert appropriate body part here] to sit on top of the kitchen counter. Some quorum of family members would stand around us poised to assist, cheeks poofed out with a lung full of air, pointed at the wound. On cue, after the medicine was applied, all the helpers would immediately start blowing (lots of new germs, I can see all these years later) on the carefully cleaned wound to make that infernal sting stop. Read all »

Why not?

Matt Motyl is famous

If you were on the fence about whether to attend Tuesday’s Dinner at the Square on The Psychology of Polarization & Demonization (only 9 tickets left), you might want to know that our featured speaker is just straight up famous. Watch the video, he’s the garbage man on the right.