kageyama-400In his book For the Love of Cities, author Peter Kageyama (coming to Tallahassee on Thursday, January 24th) quotes Charles Landry, author of The Creative city: “We experience cities emotionally, yet we talk about them technically.” Cities tend to focus their energy on the basic services, the things that have to be done.

Kageyama writes that particularly in tough economic times like these…

City leaders worry about being seen as frivolous. As budgets tighten and hard choices must be made, programs that seem frivolous are the first cut. No one votes for arts programs when streets need fixing.

But according to Kageyama it’s a mistake for city leaders to give in to this understandable dynamic, as the things that are most critical to the ultimate economic success of the city are the small things that affect us emotionally, or what he calls “love notes.” In contrast “fixing potholes is like giving your wife a fire extinguisher for her birthday.” Sure the house has got to have a fire extinguisher, but your wife needs more.

On Thursday, January 24th, Kageyama will share his wealth of knowledge about helping us love our city more, something that actually has been show to affect local economic growth (good for fixing potholes too).

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